Move it for Autism

Move it for Autism

What is “Move It for Autism?”

“Move It for Autism” is a fun virtual autism fundraiser, benefiting the Greater Expectations autism program, a facet of the Independent Living Resource Center. With everyone’s schedules busy, we created a flexible fundraising event that you can do on your own or with family, friends or coworkers to help raise funding for the Greater Expectations. The program provides organizational and social skills courses, tailored for young individuals with autism so that they can be better prepared to begin their career journeys.

With “Move It for Autism,” you choose your own event date or multiple dates throughout the year to raise money in a fun and creative way. Tell or show us how you’ll “Move it for Autism” by choosing an activity such as walking, running, bowling, jumping rope or swimming and making a commitment of a goal that you want to reach by asking your contacts to help you. By making a donation to your individual goal or setting up a team for a group effort to “move it,” each person donates to your team goal that you set as a team leader, and then they can continue growing the movement by asking their friends to donate towards your team’s goals as well.

Why should I participate?

The Greater Expectations Autism program does not receive any state or federal funding for the program, thus the funds to operate the program comes directly out of the daily operating expenses from Independent Living Resource Center to keep the program running. Funding that we receive from our Autism Avenue sales at the shop help with the funding of the program as well. With an annual operating budget of $250,000 to run the program, it is imperative to find other means of raising money to help offset the expenses of the program and help those young individuals with Autism and their families. This is where you can help and have fun while raising money for the Greater Expectation program. We need your help to continue reaching more individuals in need – and any movement helps!