Bike Across Kansas

Bike Across Kansas

Ride the Avenue

This activity will end June 8, 2019

$75 raised
2 donations

My goal: $1,000

How I'm Going to Move It for Autism

Over the next few months, I will participate in 3 training sessions per week, either on a stationary bike or hitting the roadways around Wichita as I train for Bike Across Kansas (BAK). BAK is an annual cycling event stretching from the Colorado/Kansas border to the Kansas/Missouri border. This year, from Goodland to Atchison, the route spans 478 miles with stops in towns like Colby, Hays, Wilson, and Clay Center.


Why I'm Participating

Our son, our family, has benefitted tremendously from the Greater Expectations program. We have watched him grow in confidence, advocating for his wants and needs at home and at school. He's beginning to develop the building blocks for his future as he considers high school classwork, post-secondary training, potentially learning to drive, and basic life skills. We are so grateful the Greater Expectations program setting individuals up with social, emotional, life and job skills necessary to participate in our communities. Recently we were stopped in a grocery store by a man and his son. They were wearing matching Autism Avenue (Great Expectations) T-shirts, so were we. The father shared with us his hope his son would participate in the Greater Expectation program when he's older. We immediately partnered with Autism Avenue and began this campaign. While our son will graduate from the program in a couple of summers, we want to make sure the program is available for other families who are just receiving the diagnosis and just learning how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

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