Audrey Hummel

Audrey Hummel

Why I'm Participating

As staff members through the ILRC, we manage the Greater Expectations and Connections Club programs and guide several individuals through the journey of gaining social connections, improved communication skills and work skills at Autism Avenue!! Here they can "practice" the skills needed to increase their opportunities and potential to succeed in all aspects of life, eventually gaining employment or transitioning into a more independent adult!

I have raised a total of $150 since May 1, 2018.

Current Activity

$250 raised out of $1000

Social Events

Our Connections Club members will be working on their social skills, life skills, communication/advocacy skills and organizational skills in a structured work setting that in turn facilitates meaningful connections and an improved quality of life!  As a social group we will participate and be “active” in many tasks and events that connect us to the community while having fun and creating friendships at Autism Avenue.

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